Routine Surveys/Reports

View and get updates on the routine reports based on defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with respect to that section. These routine inspections might include a number of pre-declared checklist questions and relevant comments if necessary.

On-Request Spot Inspections

Apart from routine reports, user can also have on-request spot inspections of any specific area deemed necessary. This inspection might contain questions and checkpoints other than the routine ones with inspector’s comments and a picture of that particular section.

Failures & Reports History

Failure reports with necessary and relevant information regarding the failures and potential causes are forwarded and maintained, and highlighted for the purpose of pursuing them until a definitive output.

Instantaneous & Detailed Reports

Reports with detailed information about any specific instance with necessary checks and measures.

Reports with detailed information about any specific instance with necessary checks and measures.

Reports can be forwarded to concerned departments and personnel in order to manage all the pertinent details.

Assigned Failure Updates Management

All the failures that occur at any stage are always accounted for and are managed with a well maintained track record.

Resource Material Management

For the purpose of managing all the actions within the application, all the resource material can be stored easily.

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